Photos 2- September 2013- 2017
KCFA Parade 
Mud Day YEE HAW!
Mr. Potato Head visits Kendall County Cowboy Church. The Buckaroo's loved it!
Potential Church Property Test Drive! Jan. 2014
Baptism- Tyler Gross
Baptism- Joe Gdovin
Baptism- Matt Gdovin
Baptism- Stephanie Elliott
Baptisms from March 30, 2014    CONGRATULATIONS!
Baptisms from April 6, 2014
Baptism- Derrick Wade
Easter 2014
Watermelon seed spitting contest July 2014
Kendall County Fair 2014
Happy Day Express
Christmas Caroling 2014
Ladies Ministry 2015
Christmas Socks for Nursing Homes 2014
May 2015 Baptism Jacob Burleson
Hill Country Food Drive !!  Great Fun!
June Baptism- Karen Maurer
Annabell Schaeffer
 Hill Country Food Drive Unloading
3rd Annual Pie Contest!!!
Pie Contest Winners!!!!
July-  Watermelon seed spitting contest kids !
Watermelon seed contest kids winners!
Watermelon seed contest adults!
Watermelon seed adult winners!!!
August Baptism- Alise Walker
Peyton Addington
Bucharoos with Mustaches
2015 Ice Cream Contest Winners
Tori Summers
September- Yeti Raffle 
Winner Nancy Shannon
October Baptism- Jon May
Brittney May
Pumpkin Decorating Contest- kids
Pumpkin Decorating Contest- Adults
November Baby Dedication
December Parade 2015
Boerne Fire Department filled up our baptistry!
Dec. Baptisms- Larry Baldwin
Shawna Baldwin
2016 March Baptism- Jim McCullough
Easter March 2016
Men's Pie Contest Winners!
Ladies Pie Contest Winners!
Kids Pie Contest Winners!
June 2016 5th Annual
Men's Pie Eating Contestants!

Women's Pie Eating Contestants!
Kid's Pie Eating Contestants!
2016 July Baptisms- 
Elizabeth James
Carmen Arreola
Watermelon Seed Spitting 
Contest 2016 Women!
Watermelon Seed Spitting
Contest 2016 Men!
August- Homemade Ice Cream Winners!
September- 1st Annual
String Em Up Contest
Men's Winners
Ladies Winners
Kids Winner
October- Pumpkin decorating carving contest!
Pumpkin Winners!
Nov. Baptism Jayden Arreola
February 2017 Trail Riders Fellowship
March Baptisms-
Darren Sliva
Diane Osborne
Kristi Osborne
​Justin Thanheiser
April- Easter Egg Hunt 2017
April 2017 Hot Dog Eating Contest
Hot Dog Contest Winners-
Hot Dog Contest Winners-
June- Baptism- Claudia T.
Pie Eating Contestants June 2017
Pie Eating Contest Winners!!!
Pie Eating Contest Kids Winners!
Horseless Rodeo
Horseless Rodeo Winners!!!
July 1st Celebration
Comfort, TX
KCCC took 1st place!!!!
6th Annual Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
And the Winners!
Joey- Baptism
Baptism Isabell A.
September-  Panty Hose Bowling Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the winners!!!!
Homemade Ice Cream Winners!!
Christmas In Comfort Parade