Our ladies ministry takes flowers to all 8 nursing and rehabilitation homes in Boerne and Comfort for the residents' birthdays.  That is more than 580 flower arrangements each year.

The Buckaroos are excited to share their faith at Christmas.  We will all be Christmas Caroling two Wednesday nights in December.  Check our calendar for more details. Come and join the fun!

Sign up to teach Sunday School to the children...it is a real blessing!
What talents has God given you to serve Him?
 We had Project Warm Feet.  We provided a pair of non-slip socks for everyone in the Boerne Nursing home wrapped for Christmas.  Dec. 2014
Our annual 
Hill Country Food Drive collection!
Our annual fund raiser for the Hill Country Pregnancy Care Center!

Each year for Christmas we hand out HEB gift cards to help people with their Christmas.  We never know who we will meet!
Our Puppet Ministry!  The newest ministry!  Come and join the fun!